Natural Health

There is a great mystery, but also great strength, healing and cleansing power in nature. Especially in water.

Detox and hydrate from the inside out

Take one liter water, add 30 ml or more. Drink it spread over the day, during at least 30 days.

It might be possible that the detox is too strong for you. In that case you start with 10 ml. In one liter water for 5 days. After that you add 20 ml. Esther for another 5 days, so your body can get used to the cleansing power of water.

Get more energy and increase performance

Improve your (sport) performance with extra “shots” of pure Esther.

It cleanses your body, gives you more strength and improves your condition.

It stimulates the absorption of nutrients and supplements, it improves your sport performance.

Hold your breath and stop allergies

Use a humidifier or a vaporizer to relieve breathing.

Allergies like pollen allergy?            Spray directly in your face and

inhalate at the same time. You can do this as often as you need it.

This will help you also to control snoring during your sleep.

A healthy body gives a healthy skin

Use Esther Spray for a healthy skin.

You can use it on your skin all day long, to cool down or to refresh a tired skin.

It helps with acne problems, irritation of insect bites or itch. Even wounds recover faster.

What about my baby and my kids?

When your baby has a itchy skin, when your kids cry because they are sick. When you feel desperate and do not know what to do.

Remember Esther! It will help right away when you spray it directly on their skin. There is no harm to add it in their water or to add some drops in the baby milk.

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