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Q.     What is Esther, infused by nature?

Esther, infused by nature is a enhanced water brand that delivers a healthy balance of Redox and alkalinity to support overall health and wellbeing.

Q.   What makes the product Esther unique?

Esther is another dimension of water, a concentrate and not a (ready to use) mixture like other similar products. it has a long lasting Redox value of 700+ with pH 7.

Q.     What sets Esther apart from other enhanced water brands?

The unique technology that regenerates the natural process of an high Redox level with a pH of 7, that stabilizes this power in the sametime. What generates a stable, longlasting product. It is this powerful synergy of the hidden power in water that fuel balance, performance and superior hydration.

Q.    What is the difference between Redox, Redox Signal Molecules, electrolytes, active or powered water?

It is all about the positive charge of water, a hidden power that can take care of sick making negative charged cells like bacteria, fungi or viruses.  It is more important how it is generated: is it a concentrate like Esther, or a mixture? That makes the difference how strong, how effective and how stable the product is.

Q.     How does Redox work?

Redox of water can be measured from – 180 to + 1100, at the same time it is important what the pH level is. A Redox level between 230 and 265 with a pH of 7 is neutral. Demineralised water is 265 Redox. Below 230 Redox, water is contaminated with sick making cells like bacteria, viruses and fungi. A Redox of 700+ in combination with a pH of 7 is healthy and will help to take care of these negative charged sick making cells.

Q.   Is it right that Esther has a typical smell?

Yes, that is right. That is in fact the smell of Redox or Redox Signal Molecules. If you smell good, you smell salt (Sodium Chloride).

Q.   Is it right that Esther has a typical taste?

Yes, that is right, that is in fact the taste of Redox or Redox Signal Molecules. If you taste well, you taste salt (Sodium Chloride).

Q.   What can I do, when I cannot bear the taste nor the smell?

Esther diluted in water does not taste or smell so strong anymore. If you still cannot endure it, you can add a dash of red bush tea. It binds immediately the taste and the smell.

Q.     What happens when we add Esther into “regular water”?

Pure Esther has a Redox value of 700+ with pH 7, “regular water” has a Redox value between 230 and 265. This means that everything can grow in it, even sick making cells. From the moment that the water is contaminated with sick making cells the Redox value decreases.

When we add 30 ml. Esther in “regular water” with a neutral Redox value (between 230 and 265), the Redox value will increase immediately to 700. This means that the “regular water” is filled or activated with Redox or electrolytes or what every you want to name it. The activated “regular water” will help now to cleanse the body from the inside out of negative charged, sick making cells.

Q.   Why should I add more than 30 ml Esther into “regular water”?

In case there is a contamination in the water and the water has a value below 230 Redox, you need to add more than 30 ml to get the desired effect.

Q.   How do I know what the desired effect is?

In general you feel much better in 10 days after drinking one liter water with 30 ml. Esther a day. If there is not so much effect it might be possible that you have to add more than 30 ml. In your water to get a better result.

Q.     What is the benefit of Esther, infused by nature vs regular water?

Supriour hydration.

“Regular water” lacks any electrolytes, it is possible that it contains all kind of chemical residues what can affect our health.

“Regular water” lacks nutritionally significant electrolytes, which are vital to hydration and re-hydration. In some situations consuming water that is lacking electrolytes can actually make you less hydrated by diluting your blood without replacing electrolytes. Hydration is a balance of water and electrolytes in key places in your body’s cells.

Esther stimulates the absorption of nutrients and stimulates the intracellulair communication between the bodycells.

Q.     How much should I drink?

Esther can be consumed diluted in water or pure. For your daily consumption take 1 liter water and add at least 30 ml. in it.

Drink this spread over the day. You can drink pure “shots” as much as you need as an extra boost.

Q.     Is it necessary to dilute Esther in 1 litre water?

The recommended water consumption a day is 1 – 1,5 liter, from the moment you add Esther into your daily water consumption it loads and actives the “regular water” with electrolytes, which are vital for your body cells.

Q.     Is it safe for me if I am older, younger, pregnant, etc..?

It is always good to consult your medical physician if you have any questions. Esther is safe to consume pure and diluted in water in replace of regular water consumption for your recommended diet.

Q.   Can I use Esther in combination with my medicines?

Esther is not a chemical, it is just another dimension of water. Yes it is safe to use in combiation with medicines.

In combination with artificial sugar and Cortison it might give an allergic reaction.

Q.     How does Esther compare in price?

Esther is competitively in price with other premium enhanced water brands, especially when you realize that Esther can be diluted what even makes it cheaper in consuming it.

Q.     Is Esther spray the same product as Esther concentrate?

Yes it is, this means that you can refill the spray with Esther concentrate.

Q.   Is the product ASEA the same as Esther, infused by nature?

The product ASEA is a mixture, a ready to use product, according to their website. It contains Redox Signal Molecules, what means that it has the same effect as Esther, infused by nature. The product ASEA is packed in a bottle that needs to be consumed within a week because of the stability. Per four bottles the product costs 150 USD.

Esther, infused by nature is a concentrate, packed in a litre bottle. It needs to be consumed within 6 months after opening the bottle. You can use it pure and diluted. Comparing with ASEA, Esther has a better price, the product is more stable and stronger since you can use it also pure.


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