of Esther, infused by nature: water with a natural power that makes health obvious! Pure or diluted, Esther helps directly so you will shine!

Arie & his wife Diane

" It was a challenge to transform the natural power of thunderstorm water into a technology. And to keep this dimension of water stable. Esther, infused by nature, is water with a natural power that makes health obvious." 

" Experience yourself what Esther can do for you! Use it pure or diluted, and restore in a natural way."


When it rains during a thunderstorm, a hidden power is created which gives the rain the power to eliminate sick making cells, so nature recovers and heals naturally.

This hidden power is a positive static charge that makes water active what is called Redox (also known as Redox Signal Molecules or electrolytes).

It is a hidden power that has always been there. This power is converted into water and is called: Esther, infused by nature.

The hidden power of static charged water is responsible for:

  • conductivity of the brain;
  • conduction of nerve impulses;
  • contraction of muscles;
  • fluid balance in the body;
  • regulation of pH in the body;
  • absorption of nutrients;
  • removal of waste;


Detox and hydratate

Drink daily 1 liter water with at least 30 ml Esther.

Increase performance & burst of energy

Take pure “shots” besides your daily water consumption with 30 ml. Esther.

Relieve your breathing

Use Esther in a device like a humidifier or a vaporizer.

Refresh tired skin & stop irritation or itch

Spray Esther directly on the skin.

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